Math Program


To get elementary school students more interested in math through small group teaching, fun activities, systematical learning, and/or participation of Math Olympiad (MOEMS) contests.  

To prepare 5-8th graders to be ready for advanced math courses/assignment load at middle school, and to help advanced students for major national and state math competitions.

To build a solid foundation for high school students to:

  • Handle math-related courses well in high school,
  • Waive some basic math course requirements in order to take more AP courses, and
  • Be well positioned for top colleges with great GPA and SAT scores, and/or math competition awards. 


Classes are for students in grades 2 to 10, grouped by math level, using mostly textbooks published by Art of Problem Solving. Each lesson runs for 1-1.5 hour with an average of 4-8 kids. For more info, check the full course list with grade levels and textbooks.

Math Contests

We will prepare and organize 3rd to 8th graders in teams to participate in the Math Olympiad contests. The LYCAL math team has been one of the best teams in the MO contests in New England; about 1/4 of our members have earned Gold awards, and 1/3 of our members have earned Silver awards. We will prepare 5th to 8th graders for major math contests with their middle school teams - local, state, or national - including IMLEM, AMC8/10, and MathCounts.



LYCAL math teachers have worked as college faculty in the USA or have many years of teaching experience. They have BS degrees in math and advanced degrees. They are also experienced math teachers/tutors for school-aged kids and love to teach math to kids. LYCAL math teachers have studied important math contests well and have collected a variety of contest problem sets for students to learn and practice from. They have volunteered frequently and actively in public schools and town activities. See this page for more information about our teachers.