Speech & Debate

Effective communication is one of the most important skills for career and life success. Despite that, public speaking is still one of the biggest fears that many people have. If that fear is not overcome at school, it can take years of work for adults to gain the necessary confidence in presenting. Good public speaking requires the ability to articulate an idea clearly. Usually it will involve an element of persuasion too and this is why debating skills are also critically important.

The Speech/Debate Class will cover all the essential elements to become a master presenter, whether for a speech, debate or other form of communication. The students will be taught:

(1) Presentation Skills:

  • The key voice skills to speak clearly and effectively.

  • How to demonstrate confidence.

  • How to use your body to communicate.

(2) Speech Content:

  • How to write and structure a speech.

  • How to deliver a clear message.

  • How to use stories to communicate effectively.

(3) Persuasive Speaking:

  • The key elements of persuasive speaking.

  • How to prove and rebut a claim.

The classes will be very interactive. Students will have many opportunities to speak because speaking must be practiced to improve. Every step of the way, from beginner to expert, students will have a world-class speaking coach, Stuart Pink, ready to help them.

Classes will be for 4th-7th graders during the Summer Program (August 5-9), as well as in Fall 2019 on Thursdays after school.