Winter 2018 season/class

Classes for the new winter season will start on Tuesday, January 2. The new Introduction to Algebra and Geometry class will be offered on Sunday morning. For more information, please check out the weekly class schedule or course list for more information, or e-mail to sign up for a trial class.

New Fall 2017 classes


LYCAL will provide many new classes in Fall 2017, some on new subjects or by new teachers as listed below. 

  • Advanced MathCounts on Saturday morning by Xiaopeng Gong;
  • AMC10/AIME on Sunday evening by Xiaopeng Gong;
  • Advanced Math on Saturday late afternoon or evening by Dr. Alimi;
  • Mandarin on Saturday afternoon by Ruiyun Wang;
  • Arts and Hand Crafts on Thursday and Saturday afternoon by Ying Zhang;

The rest of the new math classes will be taught by Dr. Zhu, who is also the Diamond School MathCounts team coach (the team got 2nd place in the state this year):

  • Competitive Math on Sunday morning;
  • Number Theory on Tuesday after school;
  • Fun Math on Wednesday after school;
  • Math Olympiads and PreAlgebra classes on Thursday afternoon;

There are also many classes to continue from last spring.  

Please check out the class schedule or detailed course list for more information or e-mail to sign up for a tryout class.