Online Class Registration

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Please use this page for class registration and deposit payment. Tuition rates are listed on each payment page. Please access the Class Schedule or class lists (Math Classes, Other Classes) as needed. Contact us if you don't get a payment acknowledgement e-mail, have any issue signing up for a class, or a class seems full. Before the class starts, a welcome message and/or tuition statement will be sent out before the class starts to registered families by e-mail.

Discounts are 5% each, as listed below, and can be combined up to 20%. Discounts apply only to students who attend a full quarter of class.

The following discounts may be applied:

  • For each additional session/class each week at LYCAL. For example, if a student attends three classes weekly, the second class has 5% discount, and the third, 10%;
  • For younger sibling(s) who attend any LYCAL class in the same quarter.

Refund and Make-up Policy
The deposit will be applied as class tuition. The deposit will be refunded only if the student is withdrawn from the class in writing four weeks before the class starts. Class make-up is only available if there is a proper session available. No refund or credit for any missed class unless arranged with LYCAL admin before the beginning of each quarter, or unless the child is sick and did not attend school that day.

Safety & Liability Responsibility Agreement
By clicking one of the sign up buttons below, I agree to have my child registered and obey LYCAL rules and teacher instruction while in LYCAL classrooms, and to take responsibility for any damage caused by the child to the facilities used by LYCAL. I will not hold LYCAL, its directors, teachers, and staff liable for any accident, personal injury or personal property damage, illness, or other unexpected incidents, which may occur in the classrooms used by LYCAL.