Mohamed Alimi, PhD

Trained as an engineer in the selective French Grandes Écoles d’Ingénieurs with a strong emphasis on fundamental sciences such as mathematics & physics as well as a wide exposure to multiple engineering & financial disciplines, and later as a doctoral student in theoretical computer science in the United States. At middle and high schools, took part and performed well in many math, physics and computer science competitions (regional, national, and international), including International Mathematical Olympiad.  Have an extensive 15-year experience in teaching & coaching students of different ages and academic maturities.

Steve Frymer

Chess Class "A" player (1900+) for many years. Scholastic tournament TD for MACA and Gus/Matt Gosselin.  Board of Directors, MASSACHUSETTS CHESS ASSOCIATION

Cecilia Franzel

Experienced and licensed teacher of the English Language. Taught English for almost 20 years in the Lexington School System. Passion for teaching students of many cultures and, as an English learner herself, has a deep understanding of what it takes to become fluent in the English language.

Lilian Wang

Brandeis University, Class of 2018, studying for Bachelor's Degree in Education Studies with a minor in Elementary Teaching, as well as a dual Master's Degree in Elementary Teaching.

Lily Zhu


Bachelor's Degree in Classics, Anthropology, and Psychology from McGill University. Educator License in Massachusetts. 8 years of experience teaching, tutoring, and working with kids. Attended Lexington Public Schools and lives in Lexington.

John Zhu, PhD


The MathCounts team coach, Diamond Middle School, Lexington, MA.  The team has been in the top 3 ranking most times in the State in past 20 years.

Worked for 10 years in Sichuan University, Gettysburg College, and University of New Hampshire. 

BS degreee in math, Sichuan University , China, and MS degree at Columbia University, NYC

PhD degree, School of Informatics and Computing , Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

The following text are in Chinese and for additional instructors:

(朱晓峰, 四川大学数学学士, 哥伦比亚大学硕士, 印第安纳大学信息科学博士

不仅过去教大学生,而且近年开始教中小学生包括在 LYCAL 和Wellesly 中文学校。从 2012年起,还做几个公立学校数学队的教练,现在是 列克星敦钻石中学 MathCounts 数学队教练,今年取得麻州第二名的好成绩。)

龚小鹏  (Xiaopeng Gong)



紐英仑中文夏令营筹備委员 (1987 ), 第三屆营主任 (1989 ), 及连续八年教师

紐英仑中文教师研習会执行祕书八年 (1987–1996)

牛顿中文学校校长 (1993-1994), 任内参与主办「第21屆美東中文学校年会」

从事「早期儿童教育」三十余年, 現任职布魯克来教师子女儿童中心(BSSCC)

张红星 (Hongxing Zhang)




郑玥 (Yue Zheng)


美 术设计专业本科毕业,青少年时期获得市,省,国家级金,银奖项二十余次。毕业后在中国一家重点美术中学从事艺术教育工作数年,有丰富的教学经验,多次获得省, 市级教师专业及教学比赛一等奖。从外州搬迁波士顿十年期间创办了"大阿福娃娃艺术画屋",一直从事儿童绘画教学工作。在郑老师组织和指导下,画室学生的各种作品获得了近100多项州级、全美、国际等级的大奖。郑老师也多次获得国际美术优秀辅导老师一等奖和特等奖.

Harvard University Teacher Fellow, 2014年入围美国总统学者奖决赛,  高中 SAT, PSAT, 各 AP 课 的成绩都是满分, 全美优秀学生联盟的辅导员。