LYCAL's Achievements in Math

2017 in Review

Current and past LYCAL students have done great again this year in math enhancement and competitions. Below are just a few examples.

Most students have progressed quickly and are learning textbooks one to three years beyond their grades. Some of our 9th graders advanced to 11th grade honor math class in Fall 2016, and many current 8th graders will advance to 10th grade honor math in Fall 2017. There are LYCAL students each year admitted to some of the best private schools, including Phillips Academy, with math achievement as one of the key factors.

LYCAL students have continued performing exceptionally well in State and National math competitions. Our 7th and 8th graders were selected for their school MathCounts teams (4 person / team) in both Clarke and Diamond Middle Schools. The Diamond team, coached this year by our director and math teacher, Dr. John Zhu, earned 2nd place in the MathCounts state competition (from last year's 9th place). Four current or past LYCAL students received top-10 individual awards, including Richard Chen, 2nd place, who will advance to MathCounts National in a 4-person state team. Dr. Zhu received an award for coaching the Diamond team and Richard Chen.

Dr. Zhu also coached the Diamond teams for the EMCC math competition, and Diamond was listed on all four awarding categories, both team and individual (Diamond was listed on none of the categories last year).

Some of our 8th and 9th graders reached USJMO level, among 200 or so top math students (10th graders or below) in the country. One of our 9th graders made US MOSP, with around 50 of the top math students in the country.