Math Competition

LYCAL Summer School this year will be 6/19-21, 8/5-8/9, 8/12-16, and 8/19-23. We will have morning classes for math competitions. Each day of class will feature one of the competitions (listed below), and each week will have different and more advanced material than previous weeks. For more information, please go to the summer website (in Chinese):

Students at Lexington (and many other) middle schools have the option to participate in school team selection tests a few weeks before each major contest as listed below:

  • IMLEM (Intermediate Math League of Eastern Massachusetts): five contests from October to March. 40 students selected each time for the school team to go out / compete.

  • AMC (American Mathematics Competitions):

    • AMC 8 in November (up to 8th grade)

    • AMC 10 and AIME in early Spring for qualified students

    All middle school students registered through the school can participate in the Nationwide AMC 8 contest; top 30 can go to AMC 10.

  • MathCounts: Selection tests for school team in early Fall. About top 20 students can participate weekly training to early January. Top 10 students go to regional contest. Top tier students go to state contest.

  • EMCC (Exeter Math Club Competition) / LMT (Lexington Math Tournament)

  • MOEMS (Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools)